Lamington National Park 08/2


For most of my shooting life I have always used film and loved it. I have no issues with digital I just love that feeling you get when you get when you are looking at a perfectly exposed transparency on the light box. I have resisted using digital for so long but a few moths ago i lashed out and bought the Canon 5D Mark 2 and I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner the results are amazing, the files are big, crisp and full of colour what more could I ask for.

Last time I walked to Elabana falls I got nailed by leaches so after seeing a guy in the carpark with a whole lot of leach marks on his legs I wasn’t that enthused about the next 7km walk. This time I escaped with no leeches and this 3 image stitch of Elabana falls.

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casey smith said on February 8, 2010

Hi Darren, I am glad you are happy with the 5D Mark II, will keep a keen eye on how you are going, and lets hope we can go out shooting in 12 months when I get there.

Darren Tierney said on February 8, 2010

Yeah mate it is a great camera still love the film but most of the time i can get away with stitching so i am going to keep both in the bag. I got some killer shots down south as well. I found a new spot that i will take you to, ive never seen any photos of it so im gonna check it out next week when the weather gets better.

Dylan Fox said on February 8, 2010

gday mate just found your blog! Nice shot here :)
will add u to me blogroll :)

Darren Tierney said on February 9, 2010

Thanks Dylan will do the same, still trying to master stitching the beach shots but ill figure it out eventually…

Matt Lauder said on February 9, 2010

Nice shot Darren… the 5D Mk II is really a next generation quality camera in my opinion in how it captures colour and that resolution is to die for.

Darren Tierney said on February 10, 2010

cheers Matt you would go nuts in the rainforest up here… yeah the 5DII is one of the best cameras i have used you need to do a tutorial on stitching beach shots with water movement you seem to have it down pat.

Matt Lauder said on February 10, 2010

Mate already done on the new site that you joined.

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