Port Macquarie – APPA 26/2


I have been doing this photography gig since I left school in 2002, I started out at the markets selling some of my photos as mounted prints which were ready to frame. Looking back at them now I cringe, crooked horizons and all, even a Nikon thrown in there yep I once used a Nikon sad I know. I finally upgraded to a Canon EOS 3 and have been using Canon bodies and lens’ alongside my Fuji 617 ever since gotta love that velvia.

This is one of my images I will be entering into the 2010 Queensland Professional Photography Awards QPPA and depending on how it goes it might make an appearance in Melbourne for the Australian Professional Photography Awards APPA. Over the years I have won a few awards both state and national so I am hoping to add to the collection.

This shot is a 3 image horizontal stitch of Tacking Point lighthouse in Port Macquarie

Canon 5D Mark 2

24-70mm 2.8L

2.5 seconds @ F22

Please be very critical on this one as the judges won’t be holding back so any criticism both good and bad will be appreciated



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Beau Mitchell said on February 26, 2010

I like it heaps, mate. The desaturated look suits the scene well and adds to the dramatic sky. I can’t pick anything wrong with it besides the horizon on the right side of the lighthouse being slightly off horizontal, and higher than the horizon on the left side. I’m only being really critical like you asked… it’s pretty much perfect. Good luck with the awards.

Darren Tierney said on February 27, 2010

Thanks Beau… it was only 0.2 of a degree out, you have a good eye spotting that one i didn’t notice got to love the ruler tool. I am not too sure about the light section above the light house might have to darken it to fit in with the rest of the scene.

Rod Thomas said on February 28, 2010

I am with Beau mate… the only thing I can really pick is the horizon… apart form that it looks pretty sweet I think

Merv French said on February 28, 2010

Hi Darren . I’ve been watching your site for a while so good to see your up and blogging. i’ll add you to my blog roll.

Not sure why but when i click to enlarge here, the image is cut off on the right hand side , so I’m not seeing the full shot.



Merv French said on February 28, 2010

Ok now, something screwy happening my end, all fixed now.

Darren Tierney said on February 28, 2010

Hey Rod Thanks for commenting i have fixed the master file, not like me to overlook a horizon. Im going to do some small 12 inch test prints this week on Fuji flex and if im happy with them i will be putting a 60? above the tv.

Darren Tierney said on February 28, 2010

Merv, stalking me hey haha nah cheers for talking the time to have a look, i will be posting regularly and i’ll add you to my blogroll as well.

Im itching to get over to WA but im not going unless i go for a good month the place is way too dam big



Merv French said on February 28, 2010

Nah….. you need a year Darren !!!

Darren Tierney said on February 28, 2010

If only i could pack up and come over that way, id be there already

Darrienne said on March 30, 2010

HI Darren. I’m not claiming to be a professional or even particuarly knowledgable but did you think of putting the buildings more to the left of the composition? I don’t know what was on the right but I’d like to see more of it!!

Darren Tierney said on March 30, 2010

Hi thanks for having a look at my blog… since shooting the light house the first time, I have reshot it on a different more pleasing angle (the light house on the right hand side). The re-shoot was on my panoramic camera so i am still waiting to get the film back can’t wait the sky was amazing… Cheers Darren

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