A windy sunrise at Burleigh Heads 04/3


I had set my alarm for 4:50am in hope of capturing decent sunrise at Burleigh Heads. When my alarm went off and I heard that it was pouring with rain and blowing a gale I turned it off and tried getting back to sleep… no victory today, wide awake and average weather at best damn it. One of the benefits of living two streets from the beach is that I can see the ocean and get a pretty good idea if it is worth the effort of leaving the house. I couldn’t see any inviting sky but I decided to go anyway as I had been wanting to work on this stitching business.

This is one of my first stitches with moving water and I think it is pretty good and the sky was also worth the effort in the end :)

Canon 5d Mark 2 – 24-70mm 2.8L @ 50mm – 3 stop Lee ND – 6 vertical images

Cheers for stopping by Darren

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Matthew Saul said on March 4, 2010

Great job with stitching that water!.
Just came across your blog from Marks, Ive added you to my blogroll so i can keep updated with your work.
The lighthouse shot for the APPA entry is a cracker too!.

Darren Tierney said on March 4, 2010

Cheers Matt

I still like the pano camera but i could get used to doing this stitching thing, its not as easy as the pano but i think thats what i like about it especially when you get one that you really like.

Matthew Saul said on March 4, 2010

Yeh, i have nothing to compare it to as ive never used a film camera. I’d love to have a play with a pano camera one day thats for sure. Im guessing both would have there excitement. Would be pretty fun not knowing what you have with film until you get back and get it scanned, and then if it was a good one im guessing it would be a pretty exciting moment!

Matthew Saul said on March 4, 2010

Could also be pretty frustrating at the same time though im guessing aha

Darren Tierney said on March 4, 2010

nothing better than getting your film back and seeing an image you forgot you took haha

Beau Mitchell said on March 4, 2010

Nice one, dude. The stitch looks good. I wish I had my camera on me this morning. I was on my way home around 5.45 just watching the sky.

Darren Tierney said on March 4, 2010

Thanks Beau… how annoying is that, it looked like it was going to be average as this morning I thought my tripod was going to blow over with the wind it was crazy.

Matt Lauder said on March 4, 2010

Yea nice shot Darren… I would even say if you told me it was shot on the 617 I would believe you. Sunrise here today was a cracker. Shame I watched it from my backyard while watching my boy eat wheatbix.

Darren Tierney said on March 4, 2010

Thanks Matt must be that Rubbing Pixels site, you should check it out ;)

The file came out nice and big, bigger than what i scan the 617 at as well. Aussie classic the old weetbix love to know how many i’ve actually eaten haha

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