To be or not to be 31/3


I was sitting at home this afternoon just relaxing and noticed they sky had potential for a good sunset so I got the cameras ready and jumped in the car but there was hardly any fuel left maybe enough to get somewhere maybe not. I was having a bit of a gamble, the sky was either going to do nothing at all or be one of those amazing sunsets you only hope for… that and I had not enough time to get fuel so I left it to fate.

All turned out fine, I didn’t run out of fuel and although the sky wasn’t amazing I did manage to get this vertical shot of the Sand Pumping Jetty at Main Beach. My fuel tank is now full :)

Gold Coast Sand Pumping Jetty

5 Seconds @ F11     –     Canon 5D Mark II     –     24-70mm 2.8L

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Matt Lauder said on April 3, 2010

Nice shot Darren… looks like the gamble paid off. Is this one a stitch or a single shot cropped. ?

Darren Tierney said on April 4, 2010

Matt this was originally intended to be part of a horizontal stitch which wasn’t up to scratch but i liked the water detail in the wave so i cropped it to a vertical pano.

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