The good stuff… 21/4


Not too long ago I headed south to the New South Wales mid north coast and if you have been watching my blog you may have seen an older post from Crescent Head which was a digital shot taken at sunrise. Well this is a shot taken on the good stuff (velvia 50) taken at sunset on the same day a little North at Skennars Head.

For all you digital shooters out there imagine this… quick dodge and burn of the rocks and a very minor levels adjustment and your done, if only it was that easy with a digital.

Fuji G617 – Velvia 50 which I rate at 40asa.

Crescent Head

Skennars Head - New South Wales

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Coming Home… 19/4

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This is a very different shot for me and I would normally drive straight past a shot like this but I have been wanting to start challenging myself by shooting something a little different.

I am also waiting to get 12 rolls of film back and have not the slightest idea what is on them so looking forward to that as well.

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Millaa Millaa Falls 16/4


Millaa Millaa Falls - Tropical North Queensland

This is a shot I took at Millaa Millaa Falls about an hour south west of Cairns. I waited about 5 hours before everything managed to fall into place to take this shot. There were busloads and busloads of people all day not to mention the blue sky and patchy cloud (not something I recommend) but sometimes you have to make do with the light you are given especially when you are 1,800 kms from home and in this case I ended up having to wait until all the tourists had left for the day and the sun had set to get that even light I wanted.

My trip to Cairns was plagued with hazy sky and a pretty strong wind but I did manage to get a couple good shots out of the trip.



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SILVER Award at the Queensland Professional Photography Awards QPPA 10/4


Hey everyone,

After a two year break from taking photos for a living I have just been told I have won a SILVER Award at the Queensland Professional Photography Awards QPPA in the landscape category. I will now be working on a selection of images for the up coming National Awards which this year will be held in Melbourne on the 4-6 June.

The weather in Cairns is hot and muggy and the light isn’t really worth getting the camera out just yet due to a thick haze in the sky. I managed a few quick shots this morning but nothing worth raving about just yet so you will just have to wait…


Darren Tierney

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From the Achives 04/4


With my new site up and running I have been looking through some old slides and stumbled across these two shots from a trip I took in early 2006. This trip I racked up just shy of 10,000 kms in a month but managed to see quite a few interesting sights along the way. Both images were shot on the Fuji G617 using velvia 50asa.

Burra - South Australia

One of my favorite things about photography is getting out onto the open road and searching for new images or even shooting locations that have been done before but with your own spin on them. Cairns is probably one of the most diverse places in the country having so much to offer and so close, the reef, beaches and rainforest all within a short distance that being said I leave on Tuesday morning for a couple of weeks in the tropics hope I get a mixed bag of weather so I can get all the shots I want…

Mundi Mundi Plains - Outback New South Wales

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