Millaa Millaa Falls 16/4


Millaa Millaa Falls - Tropical North Queensland

This is a shot I took at Millaa Millaa Falls about an hour south west of Cairns. I waited about 5 hours before everything managed to fall into place to take this shot. There were busloads and busloads of people all day not to mention the blue sky and patchy cloud (not something I recommend) but sometimes you have to make do with the light you are given especially when you are 1,800 kms from home and in this case I ended up having to wait until all the tourists had left for the day and the sun had set to get that even light I wanted.

My trip to Cairns was plagued with hazy sky and a pretty strong wind but I did manage to get a couple good shots out of the trip.



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Matt Lauder said on April 16, 2010

Yes the good old “Blue Rinse Tours”. When I shot here from the time of taking the photo till it finished a bus could turn up and people stood on that platform and looked at the waterfall and killed the shot. Drove me nuts. Got the film back and there were only two shots without ghosted people in them. Nice wide angle… a lot different to the view you get from the 105mm Fuji,

Darren Tierney said on April 16, 2010

I am loving the wide angles at the moment so I am looking at either the 72mm or the 90mm Linhof… wanna buy another G617 haha go on ill throw in a dozen imacon scans as well :p

Beau said on April 16, 2010

Really nice shot there, man. Looks like there was a decent amount of water running through there for you at least.

Darren Tierney said on April 17, 2010

Yeah there was a heap of water… I’ve only ever scene it in full flow, got lucky both times I’ve been up there

Tony Middleton said on April 17, 2010

Nice one Darren. I remember once camping there o/n many many years on my GF’s birthday. Very popular spot nowdays…

Darren Tierney said on April 17, 2010

Cheers Tone

Definitely the busiest spot I went to while I was up there, people just seemed to keep coming and coming. It is a great place though and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t been there.

Matt Lauder said on April 18, 2010

You should get the 72mm and hold onto the G617 as well. The 105mm focal length comes in handy when you don’t want to go to wide and then you have a back up as well. Also I think the G617 will be perfect for aerial work.

Matt Saul said on April 19, 2010

Worth the wait Darren! Great shot

Darren Tierney said on April 19, 2010

that would be one bloody heavy kit… awesome but heavy

Darren Tierney said on April 19, 2010

Cheers Matt

Matt Lauder said on April 19, 2010

Nar thats not heavy. I now carry a Fotoman 6×24, Fuji GX617, Fuji G617, 5D MkII and four pro lenses and two tripods with me. Not on every shoot but quite often :)

Darren Tierney said on April 19, 2010

Haha you’ll end up with Peter Lik arms with a kit like that. Then you’ll have to cut the sleeves off your shirts :)

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