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Not too long ago I headed south to the New South Wales mid north coast and if you have been watching my blog you may have seen an older post from Crescent Head which was a digital shot taken at sunrise. Well this is a shot taken on the good stuff (velvia 50) taken at sunset on the same day a little North at Skennars Head.

For all you digital shooters out there imagine this… quick dodge and burn of the rocks and a very minor levels adjustment and your done, if only it was that easy with a digital.

Fuji G617 – Velvia 50 which I rate at 40asa.

Crescent Head

Skennars Head - New South Wales

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Beau Mitchell said on April 21, 2010

Very good. A simple but nice composition.

Darren Tierney said on April 21, 2010

Thanks Beau loving my site as well.

chris ware said on April 21, 2010

Hey dude nice photo you should do a few more beach with a wave one. When I get back well take some surf shots when where out together next. Do you have a water proof camera. I;ll get one.

Tony Middleton said on April 21, 2010

I like the pink hues Darren – ahh yes… the simple pleasures of film :)

Matt Lauder said on April 21, 2010

I agree, editing film is so easy compared to digital. I shoot my Velvia 50 at 32 iso.

Darren Tierney said on April 21, 2010

Hey Chris… i am looking at getting a housing sometime later this year so when you get back we will have to hit the water and get some pics.

Darren Tierney said on April 21, 2010

Thanks guys, I just got back a heap of slides and its crazy how quick you can edit images. Matt I used to rate it at 32 but for some reason I now rate it at 40, might change the meters settings give 32 a go for a few rolls a couple rolls were a little under for my liking.

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