Duranbah Panoramic 01/5


As a landscape photographer I am always looking for something different to photograph. Duranbah is a little surf beach just around the corner from the world famous Snapper Rocks, it must be the way the beach faces but it almost always seems have a good wave. The reason I chose this angle is it gave the beach a sense of space which when you arrive at the car park is what you can see, a few scattered rocks on the left and a headland then a break wall on the right of the beach but mainly just sand and space.

This image is a 14 image stitch which could have been cropped to a 4:1 ratio but I liked the 3:1 better so that was the final result I went with.

Hope you like it

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Matt Lauder said on May 3, 2010

I find really wide coastal panoramics quite often don’t work due to weird curving of the coastline but this turned out great. Looks like the horizon tilts up on the left a bit ?

Darren Tierney said on May 3, 2010

Thanks Matt i am loving this super wide look but it really doesn’t work on every image and the colours i am getting out of the 5D are pretty dam good but i put a guide down and yeah it does slope down the slightest little bit to the left of screen but i think that is because it is so wide.

Beau Mitchell said on May 6, 2010

Nice man. I’m missing it over there!

Darren Tierney said on May 6, 2010

Cheers mate, its bloody freezing at the moment i think we are having a cold snap or something but the sky is sweet just no cloud to play with.

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