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I have been really busy since I got back from Melbourne and haven’t had much time to put up as many posts as normal.

In recent times, we as photographers have now been exposed to great technologies that make our life easier and in this post I will be discussing a few which have helped my photography or even just made it that little bit easier to capture that elusive perfect shot.

For those of you who own an iphone, here are my top 4 applications I use for photography

1. Pocket Weather AU
2. Sunrise Sunset
3. The Photographers ephemeris (TPE)
4. Wordpress for iphone

Pocket Weather is great because it links to the bureau of meteorology giving you forecasts, current weather observations (wind speed and direction, humidity etc etc) as well as linking to the radar to see approaching weather and storms

Sunrise Sunset gives you the sunrise and sunset times as well as the civil twilight and civil dawn times which is also very handy when planning trips and knowing when to set the alarm.

The Photographers ephemeris (TPE) now I definitely prefer the desktop version of this but in saying that, sometimes when you are at a new location you need to have a quick look as to where you are and where the sun is going to be and this is spot on especially with the satellite view.

WordPress for iphone simple but effective blogging on the run.

Anyway i am a big fan of these apps and they are a big help in getting that great shot.



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