Surfers Paradise 25/6


Situated in the South East corner of Queensland, Surfers Paradise is the tourism hub of the Gold Coast and it is here the spectacular city skyline meets with a beautiful stretch of pristine beach.

Having lived in Surfers Paradise for about a year I managed to get quite a good feel for the place as well as a few good shots along the way. This one is quite old and was shot on my original 5D with my trusty 24-70mm 2.8L

I hope you like it.

Surfers Paradise - Gold Coast


Darren Tierney

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Matt Lauder said on June 29, 2010

Yea nice Darren… I must say you don’t see many shots of the Gold Coast beach and buildings like this. Strange considering it is a tourist location. Will the view fit in the G617.

Darren Tierney said on June 29, 2010

Hey Matt

Yeah the buildings do fit in the view but it is a tight fit on the old G617 but they come out pretty sweet with a polariser on the front.

Cheers for the comment


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