Old Car – New Zealand 22/8


Hey everyone,

I’m over in New Zealand at the moment on the south island and it is COLD… Anyway this is a shot of an old car I came across on the west coast there was a paddock full of cars most were a mess and not worth shooting but this one stood out so out came the camera. Hope you like it.


Darren Tierney

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mitchell burns said on August 22, 2010

hey cool shot!……have fun in NZ freezing your ass off lol, you might see mark gray over there, he said he was going to NZ just the other day ..


Leanne Doroszuk said on September 12, 2010

absolutely love this shot

Darren Tierney said on September 12, 2010

I’m kinda loving this shot as well might get put up in the new office but im going to wait till i get my Fraser and New Zealand slides back first just to be sure

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