The Great Sandy National Park – Fraser Island 04/8


Last week I packed the Four wheel Drive and headed north to Fraser Island for a weeks worth of photography with Simon Beedle and Beau Mitchell. Initially it looked like we had picked the worst week of weather possible with the forecast predicting strong winds and pouring rain. After a couple days of ideal rainforest conditions there was a break in the weather and there was a hint of blue sky. Simon had this cracker of a composition in Pile Valley but with 6-8 minute exposures he wasn’t going to get the shot he was after with the patchy clouds letting the sun through and ruining any chances of an even exposure. By this time I had give up on getting a shot and headed back to the car for a quick bite whilst back at the car I got talking to the ranger about how to get into Lake McKenzie as it was closed to the public due to construction, he ended up saying that we would have to walk in and it was only about a few hundred meters from where we could park the car. Few hundred meters hey, that would have been nice it was more like 1-2 km uphill on soft sand what a mission, we ended up doing that walk twice and each time it was worth it especially the second time when we ended up getting the lake to ourselves for about an hour at midday and anyone who has been to Lake McKenzie before knows how busy this place gets so you can appreciate how lucky we were.

This trip was full of amazing shots and one of the shots that sticks in my head was capturing this dingo walking along the beach looking for some food. The dingo walked right by me within arms distance as if I wasn’t there I was blown away and wanted more shots of this relaxed dingo. This was a somewhat more pleasurable experience than my last encounter where a pack of dingos surrounded me whilst photographing the dunes last year.

Shot Details for those of you who are interested…
Canon 5D Mark 2
17-40mm F4L
ISO 200
1/500th sec @ F5.6


Darren Tierney

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4 Responses

Leanne said on August 4, 2010

love this photo

Beau Mitchell Landscapes said on August 5, 2010

Killer photo, man. It was amazing how close we were to the dingo and how relaxed it was about us being around. Can’t wait to see more of your photos!

Dylan Fox said on August 7, 2010

This is so good mate!
I heard coyotes while shooting in the Rockies…. glad i didnt encounter them though!

Adrian Wayte said on August 9, 2010

Perfect comp, light, location, kick arse, love it
Cheers Adrian

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