Fraser Island Shipwreck – SS Maheno 16/9


Fraser Island Photography - Maheno shipwreck

Fraser Island is situated just 300kms north of Brisbane and is the world’s largest sand island stretching 123km parallel to the Queensland coast. In 1992 Fraser Island was World Heritage Listed by UNESCO in recognition of its exceptional natural beauty so what better place for a photographer to head for a weeks worth of exploring.

I have been to Fraser Island dozens of times and taken hundreds and hundreds of photos of the place but the island is weird and has weather like no place I have ever been. In the week that we spent on the island we had it all, torrential rain, freezing cold mornings, sea mist so thick you couldn’t see 200m in front of you, hot sunny days without a cloud in the sky as well as a few storms and days with wispy cloud that covered the whole sky. Pretty much we had a dream trip.

This particular morning was our last of the trip and after a weeks worth of fifteen hour days all I wanted to do is sleep but Murphy’s law meant that if I went back to sleep the sky would have done something amazing so I got up and drove the 15 odd kms and began waiting. Cold and tired I waited and waited until I had the slightest of a reading from my light meter, still very dark I fired off a 12 min exposure and waited, these shots can bring out colours that the human eye can’t see and when you get the right conditions they are amazing. I continued shooting on the Fuji G617 while the light was at its best but I also shot some digital after I was happy with what I had got.

Not at its peak this is a shot of the Maheno shipwreck is a shot I had been after for quite a while and everything just fell into place, tide was low, wispy cloud good colour in the sky what a way to end the trip.

Anyway that is how the trip to Fraser ended till next time happy snapping.

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7 Responses

Tim Wrate said on September 16, 2010

Darren – that is one hell of a good shot – something to be very proud of mate!! the colours are sensational and the colours are sublime! wicked stuff…

I want me a G617!

Darren Tierney said on September 16, 2010

Hey Tim
Thanks for stopping by and commenting, this was actually taken on the 5D2 but i might be selling my Fuji 617 in a few months but ill post a blog once im ready to part with the old girl. The Light was amazing this morning we really had a dream trip couldn’t of asked for better light the whole time.

Beau said on September 16, 2010

I remember this well… Oh, wait, no, this was the morning that I decided to skip sunrise and stay asleep in my warm sleeping bag inside our tent. Haha.

Nice photo, buddy. Would have been nice to get up to witness this in hindsight.

How is the developing of your film shots from Fraser going!? Get on it! Haha.

Simon Beedle said on September 16, 2010

Wow! that came out amazing! Could you imagine staying in bed and missing it? Hey Beau!

Cracker mate

Darren Tierney said on September 16, 2010

Cheers guys it was a pretty sweet trip probably the most incredible light i’ve had over a week, doesn’t get much better than what we got.

Beau said on September 17, 2010

Could you imagine missing the years best sunset at Noosa, Simon? Heh.

We had crazy good light at Fraser.

Matt Lauder said on September 18, 2010

This is a really nice shot mate. Your dedication really paid off. I remember doing the same on a trip to the Great Ocean Road. Go hard in the time your there and you come back with a full portfolio.

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