Underwater wave 12/9


Hey everyone,

The past month has been very busy but finally things are beginning to settle down a little and i’ve found some time to put something up on here.

I have a massive backlog of images to edit from both Fraser Island and New Zealand but I should manage to get through a fair chunk of that this week but in the mean time this is a shot take on the Queensland/New South Wales border with the Aquatech housing for the 5D Mark 2. I kind of like this image as you can keep looking at it and find new things in it kind of like looking at fish swimming in a tank, anyway hope you all like it and ill keep you posted on when the new images are up.


Darren Tierney

Underwater wave photography

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5 Responses

Leanne Doroszuk said on September 12, 2010

what an awesome shot!

Beau said on September 12, 2010

I like it. Would look great printed large on canvas.

Jamie Paterson said on September 14, 2010

Mate this is one hell of a sexy shot! I love it. I should get back into the water again.


Jamie Paterson

Dylan Fox said on September 15, 2010

Sick of your awesome shots!! haha
yet another awesome pic mate keep it up!

Andrew Brown said on September 21, 2010

Great image Darren. Very nice abstracty image that could have you looking into it for ages

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