Byron Bay Lighthouse 24/10


One of my favorite places to photograph is Byron Bay. I have been photographing quite a bit of the far north coast of NSW and would have to say that the region is amazing and I could live down there quite easily.

Taken on my 5D Mk2 5 or 6 images from memory and then cropped to 3:1 ratio I like the soft colours in the sky for something a little different to the normal rather than having crazy skies and a lot happening.

Byron Bay Lighthouse


Darren Tierney

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Matt Lauder said on October 26, 2010

Another nice view of this place…. looks like you would almost fall off the edge.

Darren Tierney said on October 28, 2010

Cheers Matt. Yeah it is a little tight shooting up there, the ground is pretty bad for the tripod moving but its a great spot for a look anyway

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