Fraser Island Shipwreck – Limited Edition 12/12

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Hi Everyone,

Just though I would let you all know that I have done a bit of an update on my website as well as the release of a few new images including “Shipwrecked” the latest Limited Edition which taken on my latest trip to Fraser Island.

For a full story about “Shipwrecked” click here

Fraser Island Shipwreck


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Happy Valley – Fraser Island 09/12


Earlier this year I spent a week on Fraser Island photographing. I like to base myself about half way up the island on the eastern side to take full advantage of what the place has to offer. Fraser Island has a lot of sand, I mean a lot of sand and well it should, it’s the world’s largest sand island. With there being so much sand, there is a fair amount of plain beach especially along 75 mile beach however I did manage to find a little outcrop of coffee rock just near Happy Valley.

When photographing with the Fuji G617 using 120 velvia 50 you only get 4 shots per roll unlike using digital where you can snap away without a worry in the world, the Fuji really makes you slow down and think about what you are doing when out photographing. After setting up and composing the shot I was after I realised that the shot I had composed was only going to work on a freak set so with the incoming tide I waited and waited and finally it came in enough for another wave to wash up and over the rock. I used a one second exposure to give the shot a sense of movement, I think it worked pretty well but ill let you be the judge of that one. You can view the image larger by clicking on the photo.

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Darren Tierney

Photos of Fraser Island

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Broadbeach Sunset 07/12

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Broadbeach is one of the business hubs of the Gold Coast and not too far from where I live. I was watching the sky all day thinking that there might be a decent sunset so I got the camera cases ready and headed to Broadbeach to see what the sky would do. At first it was boring and I almost headed home thinking it was going to be a dud but I stuck around and played around with some close up exposures of the water and the reflections of the sky in the sand. As I began walking back to my case I saw a faint bit of colour in the sky and set up properly to see what would happen and only a minute or so later the sky began to glow with colour and I managed to get this shot looking back towards Surfers Paradise.

Photos of the Gold Coast

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