The importance of a good data back up workflow… 11/3


Sometime ago I came across a blog post about backing up your data by photographer Chaise Jarvis which I reposted here, after watching the video on his blog it made me take a good look at the way I look after the most valuable asset to my business. That’s right I am talking about data! After watching that video I began developing a workflow that would work within my business. Now after spending hours and hours backing up, sorting, renaming and just making sure everything was in good order I am a happy man as today my Mac decided to throw the towel in and is no longer working. I am lucky because although I am up for a new computer I have at worst only lost 3 days of work but what I ask you is, can your business survive a hard drive crash and if the answer is no you need to do something about it right away.

I made a quick little flow chart of my workflow for those who would like to see it a more detailed part 2 will be coming later so stay tuned.



My computer is now working but has no files luck for back ups if you ask me…

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Matt Lauder said on March 18, 2011

This is why I need a second drobo. I dont keep anything really on my iMac of any great importance, probably like yourself a few files Im working on, recent drum scans. Still a pain in the ass to loose but nothing to find the nearest cliff and jump off.

Adam Monk said on April 4, 2011

Hi Darren, I think you have hit on today’s most important topic for both Photographers and the general public, both of whom now have their entire image library on their hard drives. I have a client who just had their house broken into and their computer stolen, along with all the photos they had of their kids early years on the HD… with no backups. So i think this applies to everybody. From a professional point of view its of course our livelihood, so even more critical.
I too have all my files on a massive HD on my Mac, but i also have time machine keep a constant back up of that drive on another of the same size, and i alternate 2 external HDs, also of the same size, that i take home with me, so backups are never more than 2 days old. I also clone my system drive to an external every week… i’m a bit paranoid i guess, but i’ve heard a few too many horror stories.
There is a great book called “The DAM Book” by Peter Krogh (Digital Asset Management) that is essential reading, though it seems like you are onto it already. Good read for anybody else who is a bit lost with confusing topic.
Thanks for the great topical post. Cheers

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