About Darren

Darren Tierney is an Australian fine art landscape photographer based on Queensland’s magical Gold Coast. Having grown up on the Gold Coast with the world’s best beaches at his fingertips, whilst being only a short drive from the hinterland, Darren has been witness to the many changing facets of the environment in which he lives. From here he has developed a fascination and admiration for his surroundings.This is where Darren’s passion for landscape photography stemmed from as he strived to capture the many different moods and intricacies that make up his beautiful environment. Up at the crack of dawn to capture the suns first rays of light, enduring sweltering heat in the harsh expanse of the Australian Outback and walking for hours on end through tropical rainforest all to find that one perfect photograph. Darren’s photography so unique and breathtaking, his dedication to his work clearly evident but as a photographer, this is what he strives for – to capture and display nature at its finest.

Darren Tierney Fine Art Photographer