Film Drum Scanning

About the Imacon Scanner

The Imacon Flextight Scanner is widely regarded as one of the best film scanners on the market, having personally used the machine for a number of years I have been more than satisfied with the clean, sharp and highly detailed scans produced by the 343.

Medium Format Film Drum Scanning

Colour Space

Our default scanning presets for our customers is Adobe RGB (1998) however, should you wish to have your slides or negatives scanned in another colour space i.e. CMYK, ProPhoto RGB, sRGB we are happy to accommodate your needs all you have to do is let us know.


All our film scans are produced at True-Optical resolution meaning that what the scanner sees is what it comes out like in the final scan, there is no software up-sizing or interpolation at all.

We have trialed and tested a number of different setting using the Imacon scanner and have found the setting that produces the best results for most print sizes is 400dpi which from a 617 transparency will produce a file a little bigger than 100Mb. If you need a file larger than a 100Mb the 3200ppi option produces a scan approximately 890Mb from a 617 film.


6x17cm Film

400ppi             $16.00
3200ppi           $24.00
6x12cm Film

400ppi             $14.00
3200ppi           $21.00
6x9cm or 6x7cm Film

400ppi             $10.00
3200ppi           $15.00
6x6cm or 6×4.5cm Film

400ppi             $10.00
3200ppi           $15.00
35mm Film

3200ppi           $8.00

Other Film Sizes

Available by request

Sending us film

When sending us film for scanning please keep in mind that parcels do from time to time get damaged in transit so we ask that when packing slides or negatives to be sent that they are done so in a way that will arrive to us nice and safe. We recommend placing your film in between two pieces of stiff cardboard and making a small note on the outside of the parcel saying “PHOTOGRAPHS: DO NOT BEND”.

Return Postage

Your film including your new drum scans will be sent back to you via registered Australia Post (traceable).

Return Postage Cost

Within Australia
Return Postage Cost

Please enquire

Shipping times vary from state to state however in most cases you will receive your film back within 3-5 days after it is sent.

Further Questions?

Being a photographer and having spent countless hours behind the lens, I know what it is like when it comes to sending film away to get developed or scanned so if there are any questions that haven’t been answered please send us an email to and we will answer your question as soon as possible.