The importance of a good data back up workflow… 11/3


Sometime ago I came across a blog post about backing up your data by photographer Chaise Jarvis which I reposted here, after watching the video on his blog it made me take a good look at the way I look after the most valuable asset to my business. That’s right I am talking about data! After watching that video I began developing a workflow that would work within my business. Now after spending hours and hours backing up, sorting, renaming and just making sure everything was in good order I am a happy man as today my Mac decided to throw the towel in and is no longer working. I am lucky because although I am up for a new computer I have at worst only lost 3 days of work but what I ask you is, can your business survive a hard drive crash and if the answer is no you need to do something about it right away.

I made a quick little flow chart of my workflow for those who would like to see it a more detailed part 2 will be coming later so stay tuned.



My computer is now working but has no files luck for back ups if you ask me…

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