Lake McKenzie Fraser Island 18/3



Fraser Island holds a significant place in my heart as it is one the main reasons I started taking photographs. After a two week trip exploring the island I returned back to the Gold Coast with 11 rolls of film which when I got processed didn’t really capture the mood or feel of the island so I made it my goal to figure out what all these knobs and settings on the top of this old Pentax did. Who would have thought not being able to take a photo to save my life would lead me to becoming a photographer. Anyway, this was our second visit to Lake McKenzie and some how we managed to get the lake to ourselves not a single person in the water, on the beach or even in the carpark… I can tell you there are not too many people who can say they have had Lake McKenzie to themselves in the middle of the day that’s for sure, Lake McKenzie is the Bondi Beach of Fraser Island, people everywhere which makes this location a hard place to photograph without hoards of people in your image so I would have to say we hit the jackpot this time.

I hope you like this image…

Lake McKenzie Fraser Island

Lake McKenzie on the World Heritage listed Fraser Island

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