Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef

Being a Landscape Photographer can certainly have it’s perks that is for sure. I have recently been going through all of my old images and sometimes it is good to just sit back and reflect where a job has taken you. In the short time I have been out capturing nature I have managed to see quite a lot of things and even though I still have so much of the country to see I can tell you Australia has some incredible places to see. Most people here in Australia don’t get to see how amazing the country we live in actually is and i find that somewhat sad because Australia actually has a so so much to offer but having places like Bali and Thailand so close people tend to head overseas to see a large chunk of what we have here in our own country. It might seem like I am having a dig at international travel but I am certainly not however, after looking at some of the photos I have taken in the past 8 years all within Australia I think people need to see some of what we have to offer and all within a short drive or plane flight. Here is a very small section of our country they call the Great Barrier Reef and we have 3,000 km’s of the stuff so why not make your next holiday somewhere in Australia, there are many, many national parks and a large amount of them are even World Heritage Listed so I hope to see you out there.

Photos of the Great Barrier Reef


Darren Tierney

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Great Barrier Reef – Far North Queensland 05/4


Being a landscape photographer certainly has its perks, on this day I spent a few hours on one of the three sand cays off the Cairns coast. I was doing a commercial shoot for a customer in Cairns and part of the shoot was to photograph the cay and surrounding reef which I can remember as clear as day, one of the most memorable shoots I have had.

I hope you like.

Camera: Fuji G617
Film: Fuji Velvia 100


Darren Tierney

Vlassoff Cay - Cairns Landscape Photography

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