Australia’s most Easterly point 26/4


Byron Bay…

What comes to mind when you think of Byron Bay, well for me it is a number of things as I have grown up surfing and living only an hours drive so I have made the trip south on a number of times. This particular trip I got to the Byron Lighthouse car park in complete darkness and began the walk up the hill to the spot I had in mind, waiting for the sun to rise but as the sky began to lighten I noticed that there was a mass of rain heading straight for me from behind the lighthouse so I packed up my camera leaving my tripod set up ready to go. It soon became clear that this rain was not your typical “she’ll be right” bit of drizzle but more of a its going to bucket down better leave and come back after it stops so I grabbed my tripod and headed back to the car somewhat disjointed and soaking wet. I started the car and put the heater on to get warm because I was soaked from head to toe and a few minutes later just as I was about to leave the rain died down and I saw the faintest hint of colour through the fogged up window.

It was on, I ran up the hill and set up in the same spot, fired off one roll (four images) and the light vanished not a single person around to witness the light show. This has happened to me a number of times and the few times that you pack up and leave generally are the best so I have learnt over the years that getting a little wet can sometimes be a blessing in disguise.

I hope you like this one… I love it!

Byron Bay Lighthouse - NSW, Australia


Darren Tierney

Technical Information

Camera: Linhof 617s III
Lens: Schneider super Angulon XL 72mm 5.6
Film: Fujichrome Velvia 50
Exposure: 20 seconds @ f45

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Manly Sunset – Northern Beaches of Sydney 04/1


Welcome to 2011…

Last year was a busy year, time flew by with a blink of an eye and no doubt this year fly by even quicker. Over the holiday period I went down to Sydney to pick up a new canvas printer for the office and to catch up with family so while I was down there I decided to see what is around down that way in terms of photography. All the photographers down that way certainly have it lucky that’s for sure there is a much bigger beach culture than that here on the Gold Coast and the people seem a lot more friendly.

The first morning I shot at a beach just north of Manly called South Curl Curl, shooting in and around the South Curl Curl sea pools was great and was a little refreshing as it is not something we have here on the coast to shoot so readily. Later on that evening I did a bit of a google map search trying to find the best spot to get a sunset photo and worked out a couple good spots as well as back up plans incase the light was going to be on the wrong angle but all of those failed me. After trying all my locations I headed back to Manly where I was staying and set up on top of the headland looking back towards the North Steyne surf club after a while of waiting the sky just lit up, looks like I got lucky on this little trip south, A great sunrise and an awesome sunset to back it up.

Northern Beaches - manly Sunset

Canon 5D Mark 2 – 24-70mm 2.8L – 6 sec @ F16

Hope you like this shot of one of Sydney’s most famous beaches there is also a few more shots taken from that trip that are in the gallery section under Northern Beaches or click this link for easy navigation

Have a great 2011

Darren Tierney

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Byron Bay Lighthouse 24/10


One of my favorite places to photograph is Byron Bay. I have been photographing quite a bit of the far north coast of NSW and would have to say that the region is amazing and I could live down there quite easily.

Taken on my 5D Mk2 5 or 6 images from memory and then cropped to 3:1 ratio I like the soft colours in the sky for something a little different to the normal rather than having crazy skies and a lot happening.

Byron Bay Lighthouse


Darren Tierney

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Port Macquarie 16/8

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Quite a few months ago I headed down to Port Macquarie for couple of days photographing, this is one of the shots I worked quickly while waiting in the airport.

Hope you like…

Darren Tierney

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The good stuff… 21/4


Not too long ago I headed south to the New South Wales mid north coast and if you have been watching my blog you may have seen an older post from Crescent Head which was a digital shot taken at sunrise. Well this is a shot taken on the good stuff (velvia 50) taken at sunset on the same day a little North at Skennars Head.

For all you digital shooters out there imagine this… quick dodge and burn of the rocks and a very minor levels adjustment and your done, if only it was that easy with a digital.

Fuji G617 – Velvia 50 which I rate at 40asa.

Crescent Head

Skennars Head - New South Wales

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From the Achives 04/4


With my new site up and running I have been looking through some old slides and stumbled across these two shots from a trip I took in early 2006. This trip I racked up just shy of 10,000 kms in a month but managed to see quite a few interesting sights along the way. Both images were shot on the Fuji G617 using velvia 50asa.

Burra - South Australia

One of my favorite things about photography is getting out onto the open road and searching for new images or even shooting locations that have been done before but with your own spin on them. Cairns is probably one of the most diverse places in the country having so much to offer and so close, the reef, beaches and rainforest all within a short distance that being said I leave on Tuesday morning for a couple of weeks in the tropics hope I get a mixed bag of weather so I can get all the shots I want…

Mundi Mundi Plains - Outback New South Wales

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Crescent Head – Mid North Coast NSW 24/3


I met up with an old mate of mine landscape photographer Simon Beedle (watch out for this guy) for a quick road trip to the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. We had originally planned a week at Fraser Island but cancelled due to the cyclones off the Queensland Coast and I have to say that im pretty happy we ended up heading south instead, we got some of the best light I have shot in very a long time.

This is a 10 image vertical stitch of Crescent Head. Also there may be a new toy on the way but more about that one another time…

Cheers for having a look


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Port Macquarie – APPA 26/2


I have been doing this photography gig since I left school in 2002, I started out at the markets selling some of my photos as mounted prints which were ready to frame. Looking back at them now I cringe, crooked horizons and all, even a Nikon thrown in there yep I once used a Nikon sad I know. I finally upgraded to a Canon EOS 3 and have been using Canon bodies and lens’ alongside my Fuji 617 ever since gotta love that velvia.

This is one of my images I will be entering into the 2010 Queensland Professional Photography Awards QPPA and depending on how it goes it might make an appearance in Melbourne for the Australian Professional Photography Awards APPA. Over the years I have won a few awards both state and national so I am hoping to add to the collection.

This shot is a 3 image horizontal stitch of Tacking Point lighthouse in Port Macquarie

Canon 5D Mark 2

24-70mm 2.8L

2.5 seconds @ F22

Please be very critical on this one as the judges won’t be holding back so any criticism both good and bad will be appreciated



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