Happy Valley – Fraser Island 09/12


Earlier this year I spent a week on Fraser Island photographing. I like to base myself about half way up the island on the eastern side to take full advantage of what the place has to offer. Fraser Island has a lot of sand, I mean a lot of sand and well it should, it’s the world’s largest sand island. With there being so much sand, there is a fair amount of plain beach especially along 75 mile beach however I did manage to find a little outcrop of coffee rock just near Happy Valley.

When photographing with the Fuji G617 using 120 velvia 50 you only get 4 shots per roll unlike using digital where you can snap away without a worry in the world, the Fuji really makes you slow down and think about what you are doing when out photographing. After setting up and composing the shot I was after I realised that the shot I had composed was only going to work on a freak set so with the incoming tide I waited and waited and finally it came in enough for another wave to wash up and over the rock. I used a one second exposure to give the shot a sense of movement, I think it worked pretty well but ill let you be the judge of that one. You can view the image larger by clicking on the photo.

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Photos of Fraser Island

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Noosa National Park – Sunset of the Year (so far) 11/8


I had been on the Sunshine Coast all day and there was a great layer of cloud spread all across the sky, it looked like it would make for an amazing sunset but I was a little worried that it would burn off before the sunset.

I arrived at Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast just before the sunset and to my luck the sky still had the great cloud spread across it however, normally there are hundreds of volcanic boulders all along the water but this time there was a heap of sand covering them so I got down onto the sand and set up. The colour was beginning to show in the sky so I made sure I was happy with my composition and fired off a couple shots (nothing special) and waited for the colour to get better and wow it went crazy the whole sky lit up, one of the best sunsets ive seen in quite a while, I only wish I had my panoramic camera with me.

This photograph is a 3 image blend as I didn’t have my grads with me.

shot 1 – normal (minor raw adjustments)
shot 2 – normal (fill light to bring out the detail in foreground and then masked into shot)
shot 3 – 2 stops under exposed (masked in detail to the over exposed section on the right of frame)

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Darren Tierney

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