Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef

Being a Landscape Photographer can certainly have it’s perks that is for sure. I have recently been going through all of my old images and sometimes it is good to just sit back and reflect where a job has taken you. In the short time I have been out capturing nature I have managed to see quite a lot of things and even though I still have so much of the country to see I can tell you Australia has some incredible places to see. Most people here in Australia don’t get to see how amazing the country we live in actually is and i find that somewhat sad because Australia actually has a so so much to offer but having places like Bali and Thailand so close people tend to head overseas to see a large chunk of what we have here in our own country. It might seem like I am having a dig at international travel but I am certainly not however, after looking at some of the photos I have taken in the past 8 years all within Australia I think people need to see some of what we have to offer and all within a short drive or plane flight. Here is a very small section of our country they call the Great Barrier Reef and we have 3,000 km’s of the stuff so why not make your next holiday somewhere in Australia, there are many, many national parks and a large amount of them are even World Heritage Listed so I hope to see you out there.

Photos of the Great Barrier Reef


Darren Tierney

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Lake McKenzie Fraser Island 18/3



Fraser Island holds a significant place in my heart as it is one the main reasons I started taking photographs. After a two week trip exploring the island I returned back to the Gold Coast with 11 rolls of film which when I got processed didn’t really capture the mood or feel of the island so I made it my goal to figure out what all these knobs and settings on the top of this old Pentax did. Who would have thought not being able to take a photo to save my life would lead me to becoming a photographer. Anyway, this was our second visit to Lake McKenzie and some how we managed to get the lake to ourselves not a single person in the water, on the beach or even in the carpark… I can tell you there are not too many people who can say they have had Lake McKenzie to themselves in the middle of the day that’s for sure, Lake McKenzie is the Bondi Beach of Fraser Island, people everywhere which makes this location a hard place to photograph without hoards of people in your image so I would have to say we hit the jackpot this time.

I hope you like this image…

Lake McKenzie Fraser Island

Lake McKenzie on the World Heritage listed Fraser Island

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Happy Valley – Fraser Island 09/12


Earlier this year I spent a week on Fraser Island photographing. I like to base myself about half way up the island on the eastern side to take full advantage of what the place has to offer. Fraser Island has a lot of sand, I mean a lot of sand and well it should, it’s the world’s largest sand island. With there being so much sand, there is a fair amount of plain beach especially along 75 mile beach however I did manage to find a little outcrop of coffee rock just near Happy Valley.

When photographing with the Fuji G617 using 120 velvia 50 you only get 4 shots per roll unlike using digital where you can snap away without a worry in the world, the Fuji really makes you slow down and think about what you are doing when out photographing. After setting up and composing the shot I was after I realised that the shot I had composed was only going to work on a freak set so with the incoming tide I waited and waited and finally it came in enough for another wave to wash up and over the rock. I used a one second exposure to give the shot a sense of movement, I think it worked pretty well but ill let you be the judge of that one. You can view the image larger by clicking on the photo.

Thanks for stopping by

Darren Tierney

Photos of Fraser Island

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Bamboo 21/10

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Bamboo Image


Taken yesterday, this shot of bamboo was actually a lot harder to get than you would think. With a fair bit of wind about conditions for photographing the bamboo weren’t ideal especially with the Fuji G617 which paired with velvia 50 the exposures were just too long to worry about.

Here is my digital version and I will certainly be back out there to photograph next time there is no wind.



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Kirra Beach Shack 19/10


Hey everyone,

After weeks and weeks of rain the sun finally decided to poke its head out from behind the clouds. I have photographed most of the Gold Coast but this time I decided to head south to a little place called Kirra Beach.

Kirra is located just north of the famous snapper rocks and was home to one of the best surf breaks in the country but sadly due to sand pumping the beach has a mass of sand build up which has affect the break quite significantly. One of the things I liked most about Kirra is when the surf was good you would get a large crowd all piled in watching from this little hut right on the point. For those of you who don’t know the area, all the sand in this image used to be covered by water and is where the waves used to break. Not a bad view if you ask me…

If you would like to know more about the devastating sand build up at Kirra Point click this link http://www.kirrapoint.org/


Darren Tierney

Kirra Point View

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Marina Mirage Boats 26/9

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Its been a while since my last post so I decided to drag up a shot from the archives…

Taken a few years ago but what I can remember about this shot is that I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Hope you like

Darren Tierney

Marina Mirage Boats

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Fraser Island Shipwreck – SS Maheno 16/9


Fraser Island Photography - Maheno shipwreck

Fraser Island is situated just 300kms north of Brisbane and is the world’s largest sand island stretching 123km parallel to the Queensland coast. In 1992 Fraser Island was World Heritage Listed by UNESCO in recognition of its exceptional natural beauty so what better place for a photographer to head for a weeks worth of exploring.

I have been to Fraser Island dozens of times and taken hundreds and hundreds of photos of the place but the island is weird and has weather like no place I have ever been. In the week that we spent on the island we had it all, torrential rain, freezing cold mornings, sea mist so thick you couldn’t see 200m in front of you, hot sunny days without a cloud in the sky as well as a few storms and days with wispy cloud that covered the whole sky. Pretty much we had a dream trip.

This particular morning was our last of the trip and after a weeks worth of fifteen hour days all I wanted to do is sleep but Murphy’s law meant that if I went back to sleep the sky would have done something amazing so I got up and drove the 15 odd kms and began waiting. Cold and tired I waited and waited until I had the slightest of a reading from my light meter, still very dark I fired off a 12 min exposure and waited, these shots can bring out colours that the human eye can’t see and when you get the right conditions they are amazing. I continued shooting on the Fuji G617 while the light was at its best but I also shot some digital after I was happy with what I had got.

Not at its peak this is a shot of the Maheno shipwreck is a shot I had been after for quite a while and everything just fell into place, tide was low, wispy cloud good colour in the sky what a way to end the trip.

Anyway that is how the trip to Fraser ended till next time happy snapping.

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Currumbin Beach Black and White 04/9


Currumbin Beach photos

I found this shot today, hidden on my computer so after a quick edit here is a new pic of Currumbin here on the Gold Coast. This location is quite a good one, lots to shoot but i think the sky really makes this shot especially in black and white.

Darren Tierney

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