Lamington National Park 09/5


I have been playing around with some black and white landscapes lately mainly beach shots but I wasn’t really that happy with any of them. I ended up looking a little outside the box and put one of the photographs I had captured from the Gold Coast Hinterland at Elabana Falls.

I am not sure if I really like this shot but it is a little different to my normal but here it is anyway. Let me know what you all think.


Darren Tierney

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Millaa Millaa Falls 16/4


Millaa Millaa Falls - Tropical North Queensland

This is a shot I took at Millaa Millaa Falls about an hour south west of Cairns. I waited about 5 hours before everything managed to fall into place to take this shot. There were busloads and busloads of people all day not to mention the blue sky and patchy cloud (not something I recommend) but sometimes you have to make do with the light you are given especially when you are 1,800 kms from home and in this case I ended up having to wait until all the tourists had left for the day and the sun had set to get that even light I wanted.

My trip to Cairns was plagued with hazy sky and a pretty strong wind but I did manage to get a couple good shots out of the trip.



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Lamington National Park 08/2


For most of my shooting life I have always used film and loved it. I have no issues with digital I just love that feeling you get when you get when you are looking at a perfectly exposed transparency on the light box. I have resisted using digital for so long but a few moths ago i lashed out and bought the Canon 5D Mark 2 and I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner the results are amazing, the files are big, crisp and full of colour what more could I ask for.

Last time I walked to Elabana falls I got nailed by leaches so after seeing a guy in the carpark with a whole lot of leach marks on his legs I wasn’t that enthused about the next 7km walk. This time I escaped with no leeches and this 3 image stitch of Elabana falls.

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