Manly Sunset – Northern Beaches of Sydney 04/1


Welcome to 2011…

Last year was a busy year, time flew by with a blink of an eye and no doubt this year fly by even quicker. Over the holiday period I went down to Sydney to pick up a new canvas printer for the office and to catch up with family so while I was down there I decided to see what is around down that way in terms of photography. All the photographers down that way certainly have it lucky that’s for sure there is a much bigger beach culture than that here on the Gold Coast and the people seem a lot more friendly.

The first morning I shot at a beach just north of Manly called South Curl Curl, shooting in and around the South Curl Curl sea pools was great and was a little refreshing as it is not something we have here on the coast to shoot so readily. Later on that evening I did a bit of a google map search trying to find the best spot to get a sunset photo and worked out a couple good spots as well as back up plans incase the light was going to be on the wrong angle but all of those failed me. After trying all my locations I headed back to Manly where I was staying and set up on top of the headland looking back towards the North Steyne surf club after a while of waiting the sky just lit up, looks like I got lucky on this little trip south, A great sunrise and an awesome sunset to back it up.

Northern Beaches - manly Sunset

Canon 5D Mark 2 – 24-70mm 2.8L – 6 sec @ F16

Hope you like this shot of one of Sydney’s most famous beaches there is also a few more shots taken from that trip that are in the gallery section under Northern Beaches or click this link for easy navigation

Have a great 2011

Darren Tierney

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Lake Tekapo – South Island New Zealand 08/11


South Island NZ image - Lake Tekapo

Hey Everyone

Last week I got back 50 rolls of film I sent off to the lab to get processed this was one of photos from my box of slides.

On this trip we spent 10 days on the South Island of New Zealand, heading back to the airport we stopped in at a little town called Tekapo for the night before making our way to Christchurch for our flight home the next day. When we arrived it was quite windy and with hardly a cloud in the sky I wasn’t too impressed as I wanted something a little different in my collection and well snow capped mountains with no reflections in the lake wasn’t what I was looking for. Having given up on that idea set up anyway and began to wait for the sun to drop and give the mountains a bit of a glow but as the sun was beginning to set almost like someone turned off a switch the wind just stopped dead. With a very limited supply of film I was mainly focused on digital but knew that Velvia would give this shot that little pop that you can’t get with digital so as the mountains started glowing I fired off 2 shots and changed back to digital. The shot looks way better bigger so click the image to see a bigger version.

I have been scanning like crazy over the past couple days both new shots and old. These photos will be released on my site later this week and if you want you can click here to be taken straight to my new releases section of the website.

Cheers for stopping by

New Zealand Photos

Darren Tierney

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Byron Bay Lighthouse 24/10


One of my favorite places to photograph is Byron Bay. I have been photographing quite a bit of the far north coast of NSW and would have to say that the region is amazing and I could live down there quite easily.

Taken on my 5D Mk2 5 or 6 images from memory and then cropped to 3:1 ratio I like the soft colours in the sky for something a little different to the normal rather than having crazy skies and a lot happening.

Byron Bay Lighthouse


Darren Tierney

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Twelve Apostles – Great Ocean Road 08/10


Gibsons Beach - Twelve Apostles

I found this image hiding along with a few others of the Great Ocean Road that never saw the light of day.

My original plan was to spend three weeks photographing in and around the Great Ocean Road but typical Victorian weather gave me only 4 day out to the 21 that I was there that is wasn’t bucketing down with rain. Camping in torrential rain is was not on my to do list but instead of moving to another spot I stuck around and towards the end of the three weeks I managed to get busy and this was one of the shots I pulled of Gibsons Beach. For those of you who haven’t been to the Twelve Apostles before there are quite a few vantage points of the sea stacks but this is one looking back away from the main viewing platform down towards Gibsons Beach to the east.

The Great Ocean Road is a fantastic place to photograph and a place I would certainly love to shoot with ideal conditions but sometimes you have to make do with what is on offer.

Hope you like this one.

Darren Tierney

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Stormy Sunset 16/3


With the state awards fast approaching I decided that it was time to go shooting for the day. Beau Mitchell and I headed south, originally wanting to photograph the border ranges the light wasn’t right so we decided to hit the beaches for something different. Our trip went from the Gold Coast down through the Tweed Coast to Byron Bay and finally back to the Gold Coast where this sunset shot was taken.

5D Mark 2 – 24-70mm2.8L – ND 3 stop – 3 second exposure

Also my new website is in the final stages of its design and will be released on Monday 29th March.

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Phillip Island – Victoria 07/3

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This is an old shot from a trip I took down to Victoria a few years ago.

I arrived a little while before sunset and the sky had a thick haze that had been around all day so i was hoping once the sun began to set i would get some good light to work with. I set up and took a few photos with all different compositions, this image happened by chance whilst changing film the boardwalk caught my eye so i shot a singular frame and turned back to shoot the Nobbies.

Phillip Island has a massive fairy penguin colony so at sunset they close the roads and kick everyone out to stop the little trackers from getting ran over. The ranger was giving me quite the hurry up but the light was just to good to leave so i kept shooting, in the end he stood in front of my lens during the best sunset I have ever seen. All part of the game, I did manage to get this one image as well as a few others which you will be able to see in the coming month with the release of my new website.

Fuji G617 – Velvia 50 asa – 8 seconds @ F32 from memory

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Tallebudgera Creek Sunset 23/2


As I left home to meet up with Gold Coast/Perth photographer Beau Mitchell it began to pour with rain, not the best conditions to be shooting a sunset. It was still quite overcast and rainy when i got to Tallebudgera, i was thinking that all i was going to get was a wet camera instead of a new image but in the past every time i go home in these conditions the sky goes crazy with the most amazing light. It wasn’t one of those days with the perfect light you dream of and it was still spitting on and off but eventually the sky began to glow with some nice colour and this is what i came up with… hope you like it.

Canon 5D Mark II – 24-70mm 2.8L – 2 stop Lee soft ND

Exposure – 4 Secs @ F16

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