A change is coming… 06/3


This blog has been up almost a year now and it has been mainly to showcase new images and the such. I wont be doing anything radical to change the appearance of the blog or anything like that but more so making this blog more informative to the reader.

For starters, each month there will be an “Print of the Month” which will be available at a discounted rate. but along with the print of the month, I will be giving you an insight into some of the companies, products and services I use and recommend as well as the odd photo tip along the way. In the mean time this is an image taken from a different angle of the famous Q1 building in Surfers Paradise hope you like.

The change… you will have to wait and see but all I can say its a big one!!!

Taken on the Fuji G617 Velvia 50



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Surfers Paradise Aerial Photography 01/3

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I’m Back… Thanks for your patience it has been a crazy start to the year that’s for sure.

The Gold Coast is forever changing and buildings are popping up left right and centre so after waiting for the completion of the Circle on Cavil project a few years ago I decided to head up in a helicopter to capture the city on the beach (Surfers Paradise) from a different angle. If you have been to the Gold Coast recently or you live here you will know that there are two major developments going on in Surfers Paradise at the moment, one being Soul a 77 story monolith and the HIlton development which will stand at 32 and 57 stories so there are cranes all over the place at the moment.

I thought I would post my take on Surfers Paradise but without all the cranes and construction going on. I will be also getting up in the air once Soul is finished so stay tuned for those images as well.


Darren Tierney

Surfers Paradise Aerial photography

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Surfers Paradise 25/6


Situated in the South East corner of Queensland, Surfers Paradise is the tourism hub of the Gold Coast and it is here the spectacular city skyline meets with a beautiful stretch of pristine beach.

Having lived in Surfers Paradise for about a year I managed to get quite a good feel for the place as well as a few good shots along the way. This one is quite old and was shot on my original 5D with my trusty 24-70mm 2.8L

I hope you like it.

Surfers Paradise - Gold Coast


Darren Tierney

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Broadwater Boats 15/5


On a cold autumn morning, my alarm goes off normally all I want to do is sleep but I had been wanting to photograph at this location for a long time and finally the conditions were favourable. Here in Queensland the sky has been clear with only the slightest hint of cloud for the past week or so which is great provided that there is no wind but it has been quite windy not to mention cold. With the clear sky I knew at sunrise there would be a slight pink hue through the sky and that was exactly what I got.

The boating culture on the gold coast seems to get bigger and bigger as time goes by and for me this shot of the Broadwater looking back towards Main Beach and Surfers Paradise is a classic gold coast image.

13 image stitch - Canon 5D MarkII - 24-70mm F2.8L @70mm - ½ sec @ f16

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