Twelve Apostles – Great Ocean Road 08/10


Gibsons Beach - Twelve Apostles

I found this image hiding along with a few others of the Great Ocean Road that never saw the light of day.

My original plan was to spend three weeks photographing in and around the Great Ocean Road but typical Victorian weather gave me only 4 day out to the 21 that I was there that is wasn’t bucketing down with rain. Camping in torrential rain is was not on my to do list but instead of moving to another spot I stuck around and towards the end of the three weeks I managed to get busy and this was one of the shots I pulled of Gibsons Beach. For those of you who haven’t been to the Twelve Apostles before there are quite a few vantage points of the sea stacks but this is one looking back away from the main viewing platform down towards Gibsons Beach to the east.

The Great Ocean Road is a fantastic place to photograph and a place I would certainly love to shoot with ideal conditions but sometimes you have to make do with what is on offer.

Hope you like this one.

Darren Tierney

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Back from Melbourne 09/6


I was originally going to post this image earlier today but the sky decided to give me some crazy light so it had to wait.

Anyway, the four days I spent in Melbourne were great even though it was cold, rainy and windy but I guess that is just typical of Melbourne. I had an amazing shot list all planned out with some of the shots only able to be captured at this time of year due to the angle of the sun but luck would have it and there was no sun which left me with no shot list and no plan of what shoot.
With the lack of sun decided to spend a day out in the Dandenong Ranges in perfect rainforest conditions and some time around the city that was kind of a fail due to bad light, I did manage a couple shots I am happy with.

The image below was taken quite early in the morning in between patchy rain and howling winds. After the rain finally stopped I stepped out of my heated hire car into a very cold and windy 3 degrees, with everything ready to go I set up, took a quick light reading and shot directly down this South Melbourne Jetty. Recently when purchasing film I discovered that had notes on their 220 velvia 50 saying it was discontinued, a real pain for me as I don’t like changing film every four shots. This was a real killer for me in the 3 degrees even though I only had to change film once it was still quite painful on the cold fingers maybe some gloves are in order.

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Off to Melbourne 03/6

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Hi everyone,

I am off to Melbourne for the APPA’s and a little bit of photography as well.

Growing up in Melbourne I am looking forward to photographing the city i grew up in but with only 4 days up my sleeve i will mainly be shooting in and around the city. I have plenty of film for the pano camera and plenty of room on my digital cards as well so it should be a fun trip.

Good luck to everyone who entered the awards hope the judges are kind this year.

Darren Tierney

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Phillip Island – Victoria 07/3

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This is an old shot from a trip I took down to Victoria a few years ago.

I arrived a little while before sunset and the sky had a thick haze that had been around all day so i was hoping once the sun began to set i would get some good light to work with. I set up and took a few photos with all different compositions, this image happened by chance whilst changing film the boardwalk caught my eye so i shot a singular frame and turned back to shoot the Nobbies.

Phillip Island has a massive fairy penguin colony so at sunset they close the roads and kick everyone out to stop the little trackers from getting ran over. The ranger was giving me quite the hurry up but the light was just to good to leave so i kept shooting, in the end he stood in front of my lens during the best sunset I have ever seen. All part of the game, I did manage to get this one image as well as a few others which you will be able to see in the coming month with the release of my new website.

Fuji G617 – Velvia 50 asa – 8 seconds @ F32 from memory

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